Comfort noise, dat vertellen ze er niet bij hé als ze je een telefoon verkopen…

Comfort noise is a fake hiss that your mobile phone, your VoIP phone, your corporate digital phone system, whatever, creates to mask the silences between talkspurts. That hiss isn’t actually coming down the line, from some analogue amplifier and hundreds of kilometres of copper; it’s created independently at each end by kindly computers.

Gevonden via Marco Arment, gelezen bij Dansdata.

The next big thing in startups

(The idea is that) you start a business, your business experiments with lots of ideas, many ideas fail but some succeed, you turn these ideas into new businesses, and the formula repeats on its own. (…) Some call them “startup studios” or “startup factories,” while others refer to this style of business building as “parallel entrepreneurship.”

Gelezen bij via WIRED.

It’s not your brand

(…) he said, “It’s not your brand; it’s our brand.” “Our” being the public. And I think he’s right: You do not control your brand anymore. You can influence it and help guide the conversation, but there’s a limit to how precisely you can define your brand on your own.

Woorden van Neil Blumenthal, co-ceo van Warby Parker, gelezen bij via 99U.

De eerste rol van media?

“at news organisations the central organising principle is usually to produce something with social impact first ahead of utility or profit”. That’s not to say that news organisations always execute particularly well on that promise or that the cultural impact is always beneficial. But the fact is that doing the job well usually means that journalists end up being ostracised or imprisoned rather than ringing the opening bell at the New York stock exchange.

Geschreven door Emily Bell, gelezen bij The Guardian.

Sign your work

If you’re not proud of it, don’t ship it. If you are, sign your work and own the results. We’ll know who to thank. If you work for a place where work goes unsigned (internally, in particular) it’s worth asking why.

Geschreven door Seth.

The most ambitious CEO in the universe

Google’s original mission—“to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”—once seemed preposterously audacious. Today that vision “is probably a bit too narrow,” Page says. He wants the company he co-founded as a Stanford grad student to continue altering the world in ways unimaginable to most.

Woorden van Larry Page, geciteerd bij Fortune.

Alsof het kan, economische groei per decreet afkondigen

Sheila Sitalsing reageert op de beslissingen van de G20 die 800 maatregelen verzonnen om de wereldeconomie te laten groeien.

Het onschuldige vertrouwen in de kracht van papier. De quasi-exactheid die vermoedelijk de mensen thuis ontzag moet inboezemen (twee komma één procent!). Het geëtaleerde geloof in dat wat ingrijpen van bovenaf vermag. Het ontroert. Alsof het kan, economische groei per decreet afkondigen.

Gelezen bij de Volkskrant.