Banksy: the artist who’s driven to the wall

How he has managed this deft act is, perversely for an artist who is often seen as an anti-capitalist commentator, a symbolic tale of our economic times. For, like any number of internet entrepreneurs, Banksy has successfully built a lucrative global brand by giving his product away.

Interessante analyse van het businessmodel van/rond Banksy, inclusief vragen over kunst en commercie.

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You can’t teach a coal miner to code

“You’re not going to teach a coal miner to code. Mark Zuckerberg says you teach them [people] to code and everything will be great. I don’t know how to break it to you . . . but no.”

Hoewel ik het moeilijk heb met de grond van de uitspraak, vrees ik dat Bloomberg ergens een punt heeft. Gaan we van alle ex-Opel en ex-Ford werknemers kenniswerkers maken? Nee. Vrees ik. Is het mogelijk? Voor sommigen? Zeker wel. Maar niet alles komt goed dankzij code.

Woorden van Michael Bloomberg, neergeschreven bij GigaOm.

Noord-Korea vs Hollywood

“We’re very sophisticated, and the sort of propaganda we’re sold is dressed up as entertainment and beautifully executed. Hollywood is brilliant at it, because they’re subtle. I think [director Jerry] Bruckheimer is much better at propaganda than the North Koreans.”

Filmmaakster Anna Broinowski, geciteerd in The Guardian.

The rise and tyranny of the ‘personal brand’

“if you were looking for a cartoonishly simple example of what’s wrong with modern society, the “personal brand” might just be it: people are encouraged to think of themselves in a deliberately dehumanising way in order to succeed.”

let’s not lose sight of the broader picture. We are citizens, not just consumers: don’t surrender yet.

Aanbevolen lectuur.

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Why UPS Trucks Don’t Turn Left

UPS engineers found that left-hand turns were a major drag on efficiency. Turning against traffic resulted in long waits in left-hand turn lanes that wasted time and fuel, and it also led to a disproportionate number of accidents. By mapping out routes that involved “a series of right-hand loops,” UPS improved profits and safety while touting their catchy, environmentally friendly policy.

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De effectiviteit van laboratoriumgeteste reguliere geneeskunde

The Cochrane review found that compared with a placebo, or dummy pill, Tamiflu led to a quicker alleviation of flu-like symptoms of around half a day (down from 7 days to 6.3 days) in adults, but the effect in children was more uncertain.

Of: hoe farma ook maar gewoon een sector is die geld wil verdienen en niet de bedoeling heeft mensen te genezen.

Gelezen bij Reuters.