Over atletiekpistes en probleembepaling

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/12″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”8/12″][md_text md_text_title1=”pixflow_base64IA==” md_text_title_separator=”no”]Telkens wanneer het regende, lag de atletiekpiste er slecht bij. Grote plassen maakten het lopen op de binnenbaan onmogelijk. Gravel vermengde zich met water en wie zich na een plensbui toch aan een loopje waagde besloot in ruime ovalen rond te lopen. Dus besloot het gemeentebestuur om er iets aan te […]

Wat marginal gains voor jouw bedrijf kunnen betekenen

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Do you want to Get Shit Done, or do you want People Sitting at Their Desks?

A solid 8 hours of getting shit done will easily outclass 16 hours of sitting at desk. Those early employees might not create more value to the company that the nine to five guy. Antwoord van een zekere Ole M Kristiansen op de vraag “should I hire someone that will only work 9 to 5 […]

Slaat China een gestructureerd bankensysteem over?

China’s banking infrastructure is not as developed as in the west. Some are therefore speculating that blockchain tech and the internet may allow the country to leapfrog the banking system just as cell phones allowed developing nations to leapfrog phone lines. Gelezen bij Blockchain News in een op zich ook interressant artikel over een Alibaba experiment […]

Handen uit de mouwen Hinssianen

Hinssianen zijn (…) de nestbevuilers van ons jong maar prachtig ecosysteem van startende en innovatieve ondernemers. Ze hebben over alles en nog wat een mening, maar vooral zijn ze doordrongen van het feit dat het ‘hier’ niet kan en dat het ‘daar’ beter is. Bovendien hebben ze zelf zelden of nooit geopereerd buiten de beschermde cocon […]

Why Apple creates great products but subpar services

You only get one shot to get a device right, so all of Apple’s internal rhythms and processes are organized around delivering as perfect a product as possible at a specific moment in time. Services, on the other hand (…) can never be perfect; the ideal go-to-market is releasing a minimum viable product that is engineered Geschreven […]

Innovative Companies Get Their Best Ideas from Academic Research

To account for its success, many point to America’s entrepreneurial culture, its tolerance for failure and its unique ecosystem of venture funding. Those factors do play important roles, but the most important thing driving America’s success has been its unparalleled scientific leadership. Gelezen bij Harvard Business Review

How the hacker way influences entrepreneurship

The point here is not that startup entrepreneurs are hackers. The point, instead, is that there is an increasing overlap between these communities on account of how entrepreneurs have adopted the experimental mindsets and methods of hacking. Startup entrepreneurs may or may not subscribe to the core elements of hacker ideology, but they have embraced […]

The Limits of the Lean Startup Method

Too much feedback from customers might cause the entrepreneurs to change the idea so frequently that they become disheartened. (…) the lean startup method (…) still requires time, attention, and resources that are diverted from other projects. At some point, managers run out of patience for continued testing and pull the plug. Gelezen bij Harvard Business Review

When companies try to optimize everything

when companies try to optimize everything, it’s sometimes easy to forget that success is often built on experiences — like emotional interactions and complicated conversations and discussions of who we want to be and how our teammates make us feel — that can’t really be optimized. Gelezen bij The New York Times in een artikel over […]