Don’t give up on (newspaper) advertising yet

(…) if advertising doesn’t work, our response shouldn’t be to give up on it. It’s way, way too soon for that. Remember: it’s still just 1472 in Gutenberg Years. If we give up on advertising in media, my big fear (…) is that we’ll end up with far fewer journalists (not to mention journalism students). (…) Don’t […]

Why you can no longer expect that the news will find you

…by 2020, we’ll laugh at the notion that at one point we expected quality news and information organizations on the web to sustain themselves by competing for the attention of algorithms. Because if we haven’t figured that out, we’ll be living in a world in which those algorithms — which are written for the benefit […]

The EU’s “right to be forgotten” is a bad idea, and Google is handling it exactly the right way

The reality is that the right to be forgotten could allow powerful individuals to effectively censor search results even when the facts contained in them are undisputedly correct and have some historical news value. Geschreven door Mathew Ingram bij GigaOm Gigaom -Tech News and Analysis.

The flip side of a good title

The flip side of picking a provocative title is that understandably all of the nuances and background behind it get lost throughout the chain. With each additional press release or article, the message gets somewhat warped, and “everyone starts with an A” can turn into “give students something they don’t have to work for”. Geschreven […]

Zonder tekening

  Hoe vaak op een avond zit ik te denken: dit heb ik al eens ergens eerder gelezen? Vaak. Heel vaak. Meestal moet je ook niet heel ver zoeken voor je het origineel hebt. Niks bronvermelding. Nul. Dat kan toch niet blijven goed komen? Ooit zegt zo’n Business Insider toch: hup en nu gaat er […]