Waarom blogs het niet waren en niet zullen zijn

Felix Salmon schrijft op de website van Reuters wel meer interessante dingen. Vandaag ging het over hoe blogs ooit de traditionele media zouden overtreffen maar dat het door de gewone lezer ooit niet is geworden: The main reason why the blogosphere never managed to overtake legacy media was the fact that it required quite a […]

How Twitter and Facebook will save journalism

“The businesses that have begun to succeed in the social-media ecosystem are taking different paths. First there is sponsored content—high-quality original advertisements that readers like or dislike on their merits. They’re controversial in some quarters, but they’re not unlike the advertising that runs in women’s magazines such as Vogue.” Voor dit essay mag ik je […]

Twitter is about to change the news media – again

Michael Wolff schrijft bij The Guardian: The Twitter direction is clear: It has found itself as an ad hoc, albeit still inchoate, but ever-increasing focal point for the distribution of news. More and more people turn first to Twitter for their news. As significantly, almost every news professional turns first to Twitter for news – […]

In the End Was the Word and the Word Was the Sponsor’s

Jeff Jarvis over content marketing: Marketers shouldn’t want to make content. Don’t they know that content is a lousy business? (…) content is not scalable for advertisers, either. (…) the future of marketing isn’t advertising but utilities and services. I say the same for news: It is a service.