Breaking News via sociale media: geen winner-take-all verhaal

The battle over breaking news on the internet has long been framed as a winner-take-all affair, but the reality is emerging as far more nuanced. Both (Twitter en Facebook) platforms are imperfect and surprisingly interdependent, with ideas and events spreading back and forth between the two.

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Facebook’s only real existential threat

It’s easy to forget that Facebook faced its  when it failed to anticipate how quickly its users would migrate from desktop to mobile. After years of foot-dragging, the company spent $1bn buying Instagram and focused on working out how to make money from people using its apps on smartphones. Since then it’s been incredibly aggressive at buying or cloning challenger technologies.

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Twitter could be entering the internet graveyard

I think Twitter is in a crisis and could be entering the internet graveyard that is populated by many other small internet properties that are used by people and have value to their users but are no longer growth companies.

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No reordered timelines next week

Whatever Twitter has planned, it’s not switching to an algorithmic timeline next week. That doesn’t mean it won’t include more algorithmic elements over time of course. That tweet above could be read in multiple ways, but Jack wants you to know that he ‘gets it.’

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The End of Twitter

(…)getting noisy isn’t the only problem Twitter has today, though it seems to be one of the more pronounced symptoms of a company that has lost its direction, or, more worryingly (and perhaps more accurately), never had much direction to begin with.

Geschreven door Joshua Topolsky, gelezen bij The New Yorker

The Solution to the Problem With the Solution to Twitter’s Problems

Moments should be a standalone app. Period. It can still use the Twitter namespace and shared login. Be made by Twitter, etc. But Twitter needs something it can market to users that is not Twitter.

Gelezen bij de bij tijden hilarische maar in deze erg on topic en spot on StartupLJacksonHij heeft gelijk. Als het dan toch zo is dat Wall Street achter de veren van Twitter zit en dat meer gebruikers de enige oplossing is, dan is een standalone newsapp de weg om te bewandelen.

Noem het de Foursquare-strategie al durf ik mijn hand niet in het vuur steken over het aantal gebruikers die nog dagelijks winnen.

It won’t be a dislike button

“Not every moment is a good moment and if you are sharing something that is sad, like the refugee crisis that touches you, or a family member passed away, it may not feel comfortable to like that post. But your friends and people want to be able to express that they understand and that they relate to you. So I do think it’s important to give people more options than just like as a quick way to emote and share what they are feeling on a post.”

Woorden van Zuck. Neergeschreven bij Marketingland

The true secret sauce of social media

The true secret sauce of social media has never been and will never be to get people to share your brand’s latest viral video or inspirational quote on Instagram. The future belongs to brands (…) that get people talking to each other about their differentiated products, customer experience, values, innovation or community commitment rather than about their clever social media posts.

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‘Social media has stopped people dreaming about stars’

It’s the social networks that prevent people from dreaming any more about stars. Their private life is displayed constantly on social networks; and some even post private pictures of themselves. I find it a pity. Being a star entails glamour and secrecy; it’s hard to keep any degree of mystery nowadays.

Woorden van Catherine Deneuve, neergeschreven in The Guardian.

I Liked Everything I Saw on Facebook for Two Days.

My News Feed took on an entirely new character in a surprisingly short amount of time. After checking in and liking a bunch of stuff over the course of an hour, there were no human beings in my feed anymore. It became about brands and messaging, rather than humans with messages.

Waar denk jij aan?

Geschreven door Mat Honan, gelezen bij WIRED.

How do you think about what Pinterest is?

Today, I define it as a place where people can go to get ideas for any project or interest in their life. And as you encounter great ideas and discover new things that you didn’t even know were out there, you can pin them and make them part of your life through our system of boards.

Evan Sharp, oprichter van Pinterest over zijn bedrijf, gelezen bij The Atlantic.