Do Gated Communities Threaten Society?

“I wanted safety and security above everything else,” says Shilpa Sonal, a marketing consultant who lives in a development aptly called Nirvana. “We are sensitive, we have like-minded people in Nirvana. … So we understand each other. That’s one of the best things Nirvana offers.” Wij hebben in Borgerhout enkele gated communities. Dit zal hun […]

One Laptop per Child program not improving math or language test scores, according to study

Why the poor results? The IDB concludes that OLPC doesn’t provide enough guidance to teachers to tell them how to effectively use the computers (and tablets) in their courses. We’ll read these stories about the iPad classes/schools in 4 years time.

Thank you Google for breaking all my apps and extensions…

Change is good, but you know what is even better? Relationship with your third party developer community who technically spend hundreds of hours building on top of this platform for free. Where the hell is the transition period? (…) Why didn’t you reach out to the developers and tell them major change is coming? Sigh…

Wat ze niet zo vaak vertellen over het internet

Het internet, zo zeggen ze, dat is een netwerk van computers verbonden met draden en satellieten en straalverbindingen en wat heb ik? Verkeerd. Het internet anno 2012, dat is een netwerk van mensen en zo heb ik mij ooit verwonderd over het ruuuuuuut-tututututututututu-tuuuuuuut-tuuut-wrèèè-wrèèè van mijn eerste 33.6 modem, zo verwonder ik me vandaag over het […]