How Arab governments use the law to silence expression online

Studying the judicial history of these laws, you quickly realize that law enforcement only applies them after it’s identified the journalist or protestor that it wants to arrest. The pattern is that authorities will find the offending speech and then choose the law that can be interpreted to most closely address it. Gelezen bij Electronic […]

The real reason all the big social networks have introduced filtered feeds

And yet, if these platforms did not filter your feed, you would probably not use them — or at least, you would use them far less. That’s because your feed would be clogged with so much irrelevant noise that you’d conclude it was not worth the time or effort required to comb through it. Geschreven […]

What are the limitations of the sharing economy?

The sharing economy can, in a certain way, be seen as an extension of companies finding ways not to pay people their full value. That also takes form in unpaid internships and using independent contractors instead of full-time employees. (…) That idea (of a universal basic income) is now being taken up by Silicon Valley, […]

Self-help is fantasy fiction for the earthbound.

Like a good time-travel story, self-help books challenge the necessity of present circumstance. But while the alternate reality in sci-fi is typically the future, planet, or world, the only counterfactual in self-help is one’s self. Readers of How to Win Friends and Influence People leave their cubicles behind to become crusaders of the corporate ladder; […]

Sponsors are featured front-and-center

Tumblr on its Sponsor pages: Sponsors are featured front-and-center. As much as you want to earn money, put content first, sponsors next. For ever and ever. Amen. I love Tumblr and if they can run ads that look like this one, all will be fine. It might just be the case that some less fashionable […]