Zuckerberg’s Hoodie a ‘Mark of Immaturity,’ Analyst Says – Bloomberg

“Mark and his signature hoodie: He’s actually showing investors he doesn’t care that much; he’s going to be him,” Pachter said in an interview on Bloomberg TV. “I think that’s a mark of immaturity. I think that he has to realize he’s bringing investors in as a new constituency right now, and I think he’s got to show them the respect that they deserve because he’s asking them for their money.”

I don’t agree

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  1. this is just another round of investment analysts, not knowing what to say about the company, so let’s play on the man and make it personal.
    This is exactly why I these days where a hoodie when arriving on a client side to coach a CEO and an executive committee.
    We are living in a world these days where results count more then the dresses we wear.

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