Arrogance is good

Why on earth are you trying to change things, if you don’t believe you actually know better? If you can’t muster the conviction to believe in your own ideas, how on earth are you going to persuade others that they’re worth listening to?

Geschreven door David Heinemeier Hansson (dat is de mens die ReWork en Remote, twee van mijn favoriete boeken, mee heeft geschreven). Gelezen bij Signal v. Noise

The real miracle of contemporary art

(…) the real miracle of contemporary art is not that it is bought and sold for lunatic prices by oligarch collectors. It is that you and I also find meaning in it. A luxury object sold for obscene amounts is at the same time a popular phenomenon that draws crowds to galleries. Art is both an investment for the 1% and entertainment for everyone else. If we could understand this paradox we might understand how 21st-century capitalism gets away with so much.

Gelezen bij The Guardian


Why Apple creates great products but subpar services

You only get one shot to get a device right, so all of Apple’s internal rhythms and processes are organized around delivering as perfect a product as possible at a specific moment in time. Services, on the other hand (…) can never be perfect; the ideal go-to-market is releasing a minimum viable product that is engineered

Geschreven door Ben Thompson. Gelezen bij Stratechery

Innovative Companies Get Their Best Ideas from Academic Research

To account for its success, many point to America’s entrepreneurial culture, its tolerance for failure and its unique ecosystem of venture funding. Those factors do play important roles, but the most important thing driving America’s success has been its unparalleled scientific leadership.

Gelezen bij Harvard Business Review

We can be glad to see that the journalists are doing their job

We can be glad to see that the journalists are doing their job. The problem is that the governments are not doing theirs. The truth is that almost nothing has been done since the crisis in 2008. In some ways, things have even got worse.

Geschreven door Thomas Piketty voor Le Monde. Vertaald gelezen bij The Guardian

De enige manier om volledig legaal te genieten van de Panamese belastingtarieven

De enige manier om volledig legaal te genieten van de Panamese belastingtarieven bestaat erin zich daar te vestigen: de armoedegraad is er 35 procent, het klimaat vochtig en ongezond. Als u wilt genieten van de Belgische sociale voorzieningen en andere voor- en nadelen, moet u zoals iedereen bijdragen. Zeg niet dat u dat niet wist, we leven in 2016.


How the hacker way influences entrepreneurship

The point here is not that startup entrepreneurs are hackers. The point, instead, is that there is an increasing overlap between these communities on account of how entrepreneurs have adopted the experimental mindsets and methods of hacking. Startup entrepreneurs may or may not subscribe to the core elements of hacker ideology, but they have embraced key practical elements of the hacker way.

Gelezen in een artikel op en over Medium en het Holacracy experiment daar. Geschreven door Tim Rayner

The God strategy as a weapon in politics may be running its course

Sanders is Jewish (with the emphasis on the “ish,” as he says). He talks about his belief in God, so he’s no atheist. But his candidacy means it’s no longer impossible to imagine other non-Christian candidates. Perhaps even someone from the least-represented minority group in America, the nonbelievers.

Geschreven door Danny Westneat. Gelezen bij The Seattle Times

Putin’s aims in Syria always appeared quite narrow

There is an odd tendency in Washington to treat Russia as a resurgent superpower on a terrifying march toward global domination, but in Moscow, Russian power is understood to be far more limited. It is often aimed at maintaining what little remains of Russia’s global influence, and that appeared to be the case in Syria.

Gelezen bij Vox

The Limits of the Lean Startup Method

Too much feedback from customers might cause the entrepreneurs to change the idea so frequently that they become disheartened. (…) the lean startup method (…) still requires time, attention, and resources that are diverted from other projects. At some point, managers run out of patience for continued testing and pull the plug.

Gelezen bij Harvard Business Review