Don’t give up on (newspaper) advertising yet

(…) if advertising doesn’t work, our response shouldn’t be to give up on it. It’s way, way too soon for that. Remember: it’s still just 1472 in Gutenberg Years. If we give up on advertising in media, my big fear (…) is that we’ll end up with far fewer journalists (not to mention journalism students). (…) Don’t […]

How Twitter and Facebook will save journalism

“The businesses that have begun to succeed in the social-media ecosystem are taking different paths. First there is sponsored content—high-quality original advertisements that readers like or dislike on their merits. They’re controversial in some quarters, but they’re not unlike the advertising that runs in women’s magazines such as Vogue.” Voor dit essay mag ik je […]

As Google changes business model, its revenue keeps rising

Het business model van Google is mobile volgens dit artikel. Er is wat van. Toch blijf ik ervan overtuigd dat mijn stelling uit 2010 intussen recht (en misschien zelfs steeds rechter) staat. Google is aan het verschuiven van een advertisingbedrijf naar een retailbedrijf. Van advertenties voor dingen verkopen naar steeds meer dingen zelf verkopen. Denk […]

Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

De officiële Windows blog: We set out to make it as easy as possible for everyone to upgrade to Windows 8. Starting at general availability, if your PC is running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 you will qualify to download an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $39.99 Zo. Dat is een […]

This might work (my new book)

Wij stellen u voor: het einde van Kickstarter. Het is mooi geweest, mooie ideeën, leuke producten, films, boeken. Maar Seth heeft beslist dat het goed geweest is. Hij lanceert zijn boek via Kickstarter. Hij zoekt 40.000 dollar en vraagt zich ostentatief af of het wel zal lukken. Uiteraard zal het lukken. Uiteraard was zijn uitgever […]

Facebook’s business model

Facebook makes about 1/10th of Google’s revenues even though they have 2x the pageviews. Some estimates put Google’s search revenues per pageviews at 100-200x Facebook’s. Mijn -al bij al beperkte- ervaring met adverteren via zowel Facebook, LinkedIn als Google voor hetzelfde event leert dat Google ads het beste werken. LinkedIn, dat zou ik niet meer […]

The “Sharing” Mirage

“Media should be very careful with their level of reliance on other content distributors such as Facebook, Google, Apple or Amazon. This can be summed up to a simple question: can we trust them? The short answer is no. It has nothing to do with any evil intent from these people. I’m just stating a […]

How to do a Freemium Business Model

The freemium business model has three parts that require constant attention and modification: a) building a stream of new users, b) encouraging recurring activity of existing users, c) converting free users to the premium service. The Freemium model is based on the economy of scale that has come to be with the internet age. There […]

Search Still Drives Google, but Display Ads a $5 Billion Business

What if Display Ads overtake search as a revenue stream for Google? What if the screen real estate now used for Google+ your world was only a hint at what’s coming? A move towards signals and identities. Let’s not forget: from a business perspective, Google is an advertising company. Not a search company.