Het eenzame genie bestaat niet. Hoe vind je een ideale sparring partner?

(…) once you’re in this place with this sort of shared goal, the next move is to look for the person who challenges you the most. They may be the most different from you. They’re the person who quickens your blood. (…) You may find this person drives you crazy, but if you’re thinking sharper and doing things more originally than you were before, that is a relationship you want to return to.

Het hele artikel, Is the lone genius a total myth? is de moeite van het lezen waard.

The Myth of Stolen Ideas

I went around and talked to as many people as I could about this idea. A lot of people, when they come up with a business idea, they keep it inside. They don’t want anybody to ’steal’ their idea. I think that’s a horrible idea. I think you should tell everyone and anyone your idea, without fear that they’re going to steal it. It’s all in the execution. A good idea is really a dime a dozen.

via The Myth of Stolen Ideas – PSFK.