How Lego lost its innocence

Increasingly Lego churns out lucrative but unimaginative lines of “must-have” sets to promote new movies, games and videos. These little boxes, which come with instructive pictures on the front, unlike the traditional Lego bricks, do not result in child-directed, open-ended “real play”. They do not promote imagination; they stifle it.

Interessant artikel (hoewel ik de ‘vroeger was alles beter’ ondertoon en ‘het is de schuld van de marketing’ wat eenzijdig vind). Meerdere punten waarvan je zegt: ‘ik ben blij dat er ergens op een West-Vlaamse zolder nog een schat ligt.

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Writing is the greatest invention

The greatest invention of all must surely be writing. It is not just one of the foundations of civilisation: it underpins the steady accumulation of intellectual achievement. By capturing ideas in physical form, it allows them to travel across space and time without distortion, and thus slip the bonds of human memory and oral transmission, not to mention the whims of tyrants and the vicissitudes of history.