Facebook’s business model

Facebook makes about 1/10th of Google’s revenues even though they have 2x the pageviews. Some estimates put Google’s search revenues per pageviews at 100-200x Facebook’s.

Mijn -al bij al beperkte- ervaring met adverteren via zowel Facebook, LinkedIn als Google voor hetzelfde event leert dat Google ads het beste werken. LinkedIn, dat zou ik niet meer doen. $2 per klik is gewoon teveel. Misschien zit ik teveel in een B2B om echt Facebook ads te kunnen inschatten maar Adsense en het Google display network: ik ga dat nog gebruiken.

Zoals ik ook op Tech45 al eens heb verteld: de dag dat Facebook op de proppen komt met zo’n display network is het voor Google einde oefening. Tenzij ze daar bij de zoekmannetjes op tijd nog eens met Twitter gaan babbelen.

Boeiende tijden en het moet gezegd, dat economische luik van heel dit verhaal begint me meer en meer te boeien.

The “Sharing” Mirage

“Media should be very careful with their level of reliance on other content distributors such as Facebook, Google, Apple or Amazon. This can be summed up to a simple question: can we trust them?

The short answer is no.

It has nothing to do with any evil intent from these people. I’m just stating a mere fact: these companies act primarily in their own best interest.”

Dit geldt ook voor iedereen die blogt of iets anders met sociale media doet. Elk bedrijf kijkt door de bril van de eigen KPI’s naar wat anderen met hun technologie aan mogen. Google+ heeft nog geen API. Is dat een technisch probleem, is er niemand bij Google die het voor elkaar krijgt? Uiteraard niet. Het businessmodel is nog niet af. Klaar.

Our approach to free expression and controversial content

(…) none of this is simple. Dealing with controversial content is, well…controversial. It’s why we always start from the principle that more information is better, and why we’ve worked hard to be transparent about the removals we make.

My guess is there will be a lot of Google bashing around this. Again. I don’t blame them. But Google is trying to run a business here and doing a good job at it too.

Why it’s bad that Android has 850k daily activations

Why it’s bad that Android has 850k daily activations — Mobile Technology News.

Nobody can keep up with Google’s “break-neck speed of innovation”, which is a negative, not a plus. I think this could be hurting developers who may start coding using one set of Android APIs but then see new ones with each Android release.

Is there anything that would prevent hardware manufacturers to start sell new Android phones with the latest Android version and provide the UI as an update?

Say Goodbye to the Menu Button

On the official Android Developers Blog, Google is getting really serious about the consistency thing for Ice Cream Sandwich:

Instead of thinking about a menu that serves as a catch-all for various user options, you should think more about which user options you want to display on the screen as actions. Those that don’t need to be on the screen can overflow off the screen. Users can reveal the overflow and other options by touching an overflow button that appears alongside the on-screen action buttons.

Let’s Ditch Google for DuckDuckGo

Look mr. Brooks, imma let you finish and all but are those are the best search results for me? I frickin’ own my own domain and it doesn’t appear on the first page? I post on twitter all day long, didn’t they read it? Twitter has this nofollow thing but my blog sure hasn’t.

The new search results in Google aren’t perfect but at least they try. They are recreating their product all the time. Why would we want search engines to work the same way as 10 years ago? Haven’t you seen the internet change overtime?