The “Sharing” Mirage

“Media should be very careful with their level of reliance on other content distributors such as Facebook, Google, Apple or Amazon. This can be summed up to a simple question: can we trust them?

The short answer is no.

It has nothing to do with any evil intent from these people. I’m just stating a mere fact: these companies act primarily in their own best interest.”

Dit geldt ook voor iedereen die blogt of iets anders met sociale media doet. Elk bedrijf kijkt door de bril van de eigen KPI’s naar wat anderen met hun technologie aan mogen. Google+ heeft nog geen API. Is dat een technisch probleem, is er niemand bij Google die het voor elkaar krijgt? Uiteraard niet. Het businessmodel is nog niet af. Klaar.

Everything is free and nobody is happy

Interesting read on the relation between media and Facebook. However:

(…) no media outlet is so important I am willing to install an app, grant them access to my information / opt into their TOS merely to view a web page. I read a diverse amount of publications and am unwilling to solve every single media outlet, blog, or site I read at the app level. That’s annoying and intrusive.

To paraphrase Louis CK: everything is free and nobody is happy.