When Will This Low-Innovation Internet Era End?

Compared with the staggering changes in everyday life in the first half of the 20th century wrought by electricity, cars, and electronic communication, the digital age has brought relatively minor alterations to how we live.

Got the someone is wrong on the internet feeling again.

Why it’s bad that Android has 850k daily activations

Why it’s bad that Android has 850k daily activations — Mobile Technology News.

Nobody can keep up with Google’s “break-neck speed of innovation”, which is a negative, not a plus. I think this could be hurting developers who may start coding using one set of Android APIs but then see new ones with each Android release.

Is there anything that would prevent hardware manufacturers to start sell new Android phones with the latest Android version and provide the UI as an update?

Innovation Is Everyone’s Job

Great organizations don’t depend on a small number of exclusive people to come up with innovations. Instead they create a culture in which every employee is encouraged and empowered to innovate — whether it’s in processes, products, or services.

Innovation: Who Else Is Doing It?

Everyone applauds innovation. At least, they love it in retrospect, after it has worked. Before that, it’s just somebody’s wild idea that competes with every other wild idea for resources and support. What sounds great in the abstract seems risky when translated to a specific unproven idea. For that reason, executives who tell me that they want more innovation sometimes ask, as their first question, “Who else is doing it?” Or they say, “We want more innovation; we just don’t want to be the first.”