Lightbox employees go to Facebook, shut down Android photo-sharing app

Je moet wat, nu duidelijk wordt dat de definitieve overname van Instagram zeker niet voor Q2 zal zijn. Kunnen de heren en dames van Lightbox alvast beginnen met filters bouwen. Een app voor Android hebben die ook al eens gemaakt (beter trouwens dan de instagram app). De gebruikers van Lightbox waren naar alle waarschijnlijkheid toch al overgestapt. Who cares about users if you can have dollars?

Apple Marketing SVP Phil Schiller dumps Instagram over expansion to Android

Schiller told the reader that he quit the rising photo-based social network because the app “jumped the shark” when it launched on the Android platform.

Too bad Instagram has been sold now and will disappear because of facebook. But with the Android expansion they did jump the shark. If Zuck hadn’t bought them for 1 billion dollars, they would have vanished slowly. Bought by twitter in the end. We will never know… It was my theory ever since Le Web earlier this year. It will never be tested.

Instagram photo app for Android is under way

I truly cannot understand why Instagram makes the move to Android. Surely, it will become hugely popular but Instagram had that touch to it. If I wasn’t embedded in the Google environment so much, I would have considered an iPhone just to be able to get this app. This non-exclusivity will kill Instagram, not the ads.