Choose your customers first

Too often, we pick the product or service first, deciding that its perfect and then rushing to market, sure that the audience will sort itself out. Too often, though, we end up with nothing. In marketingcommunicatie wordt al te vaak het marketingidee vergeten. Geen goeie communicatie zonder een goed product en de juiste doelgroep. Zoals […]

On Facebook, Sharing Can Come at a Cost

After promoting his New York Times column on Facebook with as little as $ 7, Nick Bilton writes: Facebook proudly informed me in a message that 5.2 times as many people had seen my post because I had paid the company to show it to them. Gee whiz. Thanks, Facebook. This may be great news […]

Hillary Clinton: book tells plane truths behind aims as secretary of state

Clinton’s agenda over the last four years – as presented in this book – seems to have been to reposition the US not so much as a dominant superpower but as a willing partner that people can do business with, whatever the nature of the business. Deed me denken aan Rebranding Israel: History out, creativity […]

Big crack coverup

Succesvol worden is een kwestie van moed, doorzettingsvermogen en andere heroïsche termen. Van het minder heroïsche geluk ook. Het juiste product, de juiste persoon net op de juiste plaats, het juiste moment. Toeval. Succesvol blijven is de moeilijkheid. Elke nieuwe single moet een hit zijn, elke nieuwe reeks wordt onvermijdelijk vergeleken met de vorige. Ieder […]

De Diaboloverbinding door de ogen van een treinadept

Sinds maandag reis ik met de Diabolotrein van Antwerpen naar Leuven. Enfin, ik weet niet of dat officieel de Diabolotrein is maar we komen over het Diabolotraject en dus noem ik ‘m maar zo. We komen langs de spoortunnel van de nationale luchthaven van dit land, daar komt het op neer. Verandering, ik ben daar […]

Personal Journalist Accounts Preferred on Twitter

While all major mainstream media outlets have a strong presence on Twitter, some with millions of followers, when it comes to how information spreads through Twitter – when it’s coming from personal, individual accounts, it is likely to reach a larger audience. As is the case for employers and companies. QED.

Social Media Fail, Airline Style

Many companies assess the impact of social media through that narrow lens: marketing. You use Facebook to project your desired brand, Twitter to target your desired customers, LinkedIn to target your next recruitment campaign. (…) But if all you’ve got is a social media marketing strategy, then you don’t have a social media strategy at all.

SkyDrive gets simple app-centric sharing for Office, powerful file management, HTML5 upload, other updates

Could someone at Microsoft just walk to the marketing department and yell: “we now have a product which you could use professionally and it is called hotmail, how does that sound?”