The new lazy journalism

We don’t need paid professionals to do retweeting for us. They’re slicing up the attention pie thinner and thinner, giving us retreaded rehashes of warmed over news, all hoping for a bit of attention because the issue is trending. We can leave that to the unpaid, I think.

Retweeting actual news can have a journalistic purpose, but rehashing the tweets about an event as an event in itself, that’s not the way I would like to see things go forward.

As for news, it’s a commodity now. Period. Journalists could be filters for the important bits of information. Background information. Too bad their audience lusts for stories to share with their friends.

When the Internet Thinks It Knows You

Like the old gatekeepers, the engineers who write the new gatekeeping code have enormous power to determine what we know about the world. But unlike the best of the old gatekeepers, they don’t see themselves as keepers of the public trust. There is no algorithmic equivalent to journalistic ethics.

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