Tesla, the New York Times and the levelling of the media playing field

In a very real sense, everyone is a media entity of some kind now. That doesn’t mean someone with a few hundred followers on Twitter is the equivalent of the New York Times, but it does mean that a large corporation like Tesla Motors is on a much more level playing field with the newspaper than it would ever have been before.

Interessant verhaal, die hele discussie tussen New York Times en Tesla. Niet in het minst om de reden die Matthew Ingram beschrijft. Every company is a media company.

Twitter plucks ad man from Google to be research director

Graham’s background is in agencies and, from 2007 to 2009, as a director of customer insight at the New York Times; in the latter position, he advised the publication on ad research and metrics.

Mind the words: “at the New York Times”. Twitter is not hiring just a guy from Google here. They are hiring a media guy who happened to work at Google.

Facebook Is Using You

Facebook makes money by selling ad space to companies that want to reach us. Advertisers choose key words or details — like relationship status, location, activities, favorite books and employment — and then Facebook runs the ads for the targeted subset of its 845 million users.

The New York Times is doing the scary thing again. Wondering Why. One thing I know it has become public discourse now. That scares me.