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After promoting his New York Times column on Facebook with as little as $ 7, Nick Bilton writes:
Facebook proudly informed me in a message that 5.2 times as many people had seen my post because I had paid the company to show it to them. Gee whiz. Thanks, Facebook. This may be great news for advertisers, but I felt slightly duped.
Hey Nick! Welcome to the real world. Facebook is a company trying to make a profit now. You are trying to market a product here. Your articles. Or a brand. Yourself. Facebook wants brands and products to pay to get their word out. That’s the way Facebook rolls these days. It cost you $7. That’s not that much is it? Sorry to spoil the party.

“Twitter has really become a repository for the bitterness and toxicity that used to be the defining feature of Internet comments. A lot of the disaffected wannabes and will-never-be’s have gone from Internet comments through to Twitter — and Facebook, particularly since they’ve opened up subscriptions. If the better people are on Twitter, then the dumb people are on Facebook.”
Denton tells a whole lot more about tech in this GigaOm interview. Go and read it!