Is Twitter ruining journalism or are journalists ruining Twitter?

‘It’s not Twitter’s fault; Twitter’s just a tool. It’s the idea that everyone should report and re-report every trivial thing that happens (or maybe doesn’t happen) in a mad rush to be the first with it and get all the traffic.
… You can’t blame technology or the applications it creates for turning us in the news business into a bunch of attention-starved maniacs who put stuff out there without checking the facts. That’s happened for years.’


Innovation Is Everyone’s Job

Great organizations don’t depend on a small number of exclusive people to come up with innovations. Instead they create a culture in which every employee is encouraged and empowered to innovate — whether it’s in processes, products, or services.

Hotter than the Remix

Britney’s the icon. Religion hasn’t evolved much since the Greeks, our gods are people. The Greek pantheon was the creation of scores of poets who all contributed a bit to the myth and legend. And when somebody in ancient Greece displayed exceptional talents, he was elevated by these poets to the status of demi-gods. They were the original pop stars.

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