Embracing slow time

The next time you have a question for a coworker, try writing it out as if they were 1000 miles and 3 time zones away – even if they’re sitting right next to you. You might surprise yourself with the answer.

Inbox Pro

I want this thing. Now.

Inbox Pro solves both problems by making it easier for the receiving person to manage email and by giving the sender more insight in the Average Response Time and the current queue in the receivers inbox. The system is currently in closed beta and fairly limited in its functionality but people who use it already report being significantly more efficient in handling their email.


Thinking Time

It’s easy to forget that, as a writer, you don’t have to have your fingers on the keyboard to be doing your job. Sometimes your best work is only realized when you are away from the very place where that work will later be put onto the page.

Must work on this one.