On pageviews

Shawn Blanc:

The truest metric of a website’s value is found in the amount of trust, attention, and influence it has. But you cannot easily quantify trust, and so most business models are still predominantly based on pageviews.

Waarheid. Koe. Als het over media gaat. In de pure zin van het woord. Online media. Niet ‘we doen een website want dan verkopen we meer boekjes’ of een retailsite of whatever. Daar zijn pageviews opportuniteiten.

It’s About Trust and Apple Broke It

If you live and play in the Apple world, you need only trust Apple. This is what Apple tells us — it’s a ‘feature’ of the Apple ecosystem.


The fact is, that in this instance, Apple broke that trust.

Let’s not forget Apple is just a company trying to make money selling electronic devices. If we techies make such a big deal about each and every instance of possible privacy infringement, we will eventually be supporting governments in their lockdown on our devices.

Trust is a word that should not be used with care.