Are robots and content farms the future of the news?

Are robots and content farms the future of the news?

Position: Per Piece Writer
Treatment: 1099 Independent Contractor
Time: You choose when you work, but we are looking for day availability
Location: Remote. As a contractor, you choose where you work
Pay: Per-piece, roughly $12/hr. For example $4 stories take about 20 +/- minutes, and $2 stories take about 10 +/- minutes.

Say what?! 10 minutes for one story? Making $ 12 per worked hour? Does anyone actually do this? I can’t believe. Who do these companies think they are? But what kind of self evaluation do you make when choosing this as an employment? What are you for your fellow writers? Who is the robot in this story?


Writing is the greatest invention

The greatest invention of all must surely be writing. It is not just one of the foundations of civilisation: it underpins the steady accumulation of intellectual achievement. By capturing ideas in physical form, it allows them to travel across space and time without distortion, and thus slip the bonds of human memory and oral transmission, not to mention the whims of tyrants and the vicissitudes of history.