A letter to the NY Post and Pinterest

Photographer Leela Cyd was not amused to see her photo credited to someone on Pinterest:

Not being able to imbed an original name/credit/link to an image is a problem I hope Pinterest rectifies in the near future, I know there’s been a buzz about this in the design blogosphere with many opinions on a solution.

I totally agree and I feel for photographers these days. Someone reblogged my posts on another site for about a week last year. I quickly saw what happened and he took them offline. But with photographers, this happens all the time and there is nothing much they can do.

I don’t know if this would be technically possible but what if we could embed the exif-metadata for every image. Last week I noticed every picture I put on pinterest from google reader is referring to google reader and not to the original poster.

That sucks but I want this crediting to be frictionless. I won’t do research on the source of an image before putting it on my tumblr. That’s just the way it will work. Copyright will never be the same as it ever was.

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