Conversations that matter: Jimmy Wales

Yesterday, as I looked up something on wikipedia, I saw the famous / notorious donation banner. I reckon it was the unfamiliar face of programmer Brandon Harris that made me actually see it.

As I have donated (€ 20 before you ask) last week, I thought it would be nice if it would be gone. So I turned to Twitter and mentioned @jimmy_wales and asked. He told me to just click the x-sign and that it would be gone.

@janseurinck Or you can just click the little ‘x’. 🙂Sun Nov 27 19:47:20 via web

I thought it very cool that he answered my question. I really do. But I decided to push my luck. He misunderstood me after all.

So I told him that I saw a business opportunity there. That it would be an incentive to donate (with hindsight I should have added that he shouldn’t take it personally). He was slower to answer this time too. He eventually did.

@janseurinck Ah, sure, I suppose, but that’s not really our style.Mon Nov 28 09:23:59 via web

Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I actually spoke with someone that changed history for the better. Letters from Steve? I got tweets from Jimmy Wales.

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De technisch omgeving waarop Wikipedia werkt is van een dergelijke schaal dat het waarschijnlijk bijzonder moeilijk is om dergelijke functionaliteit te integreren. Ik begrijp je idee dat donateurs geen ads zouden krijgen (wiki premium?), maar zie ook waarom Wales hierover een ander idee heeft.

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