Dear Lars, next time don’t stop doing that weird drug — Scobleizer

Google Wave +was+ brilliant. It was obvious you did something new and fresh (hence why I said you did +some+ weird drug). Here’s what you invented that was very cool: you brought the world an infinite strip where people could write, put videos, photos, or do other things. Anywhere on the strip. All at the same time.

Freaking brilliant.

You started wondering how you’d get adoption. I can just hear your team saying “well everyone already uses email, so we’ve gotta make it look like email.”


That’s where your project derailed. Next time don’t stop doing the weird drug.

See, email is one of the least productive tools we have. Yes, everyone uses it. That doesn’t mean it’s very productive. For instance, I still have to wade through tons of spam. Guess what? On Facebook they don’t have spam. Why not? Because, unlike Google Wave, only people who I’ve friended AND who friended me back can send me messages. That’s how Wave should have worked.

via Dear Lars, next time don’t stop doing that weird drug — Scobleizer.

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