Facebook faces a crackdown on selling users’ secrets to advertisers

It can even harvest information by performing keyword searches on behalf of advertisers. In this way, it can find out, for instance, details about people’s political beliefs or their sexual preferences.

Guess who shared the information in the first place? I’m getting tired of all this privacy bullshitting that is going on. My ISP knows perfectly which sites I visit, if I would be up to something, police has the right to look into it. If you want privacy, stay off the internet.


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  1. But sharing information with my friends (i.e. not “public”) does not automatically imply that Facebook can share that info with advertisers?

    As far as our ISP’s are concerned: I doubt they actively keep track of all sites you visit, although they have the means to do so. And even if they would, it’s easy enough to circumventing being tracked by your ISP.

    Regarding your closing statement; that sure is bad news for people in for example China and Iran, isn’t it? No, if you want privacy (now, in the future, for yourself or for others), do go on the internet, but be demanding of both yourself and the services you use.

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