HarperCollins Editor On The Future Of Book Publishing

“Books aren’t going away,” said Stier. “I read on a iPhone, I read on a Kindle, I have a Sony and I have books. And I recently have made a return to books. And I have decided there are different kinds of reading, and there’s certain kinds of reading that’s ephemeral. There’s always going to be a place for printed books”.

“Publishing past is over. But publishing future is under construction. And it’s pretty clear that there will be a handful of experienced publishers who are experienced enough to lead and open enough to explore and invent. I do believe that the internet is the ultimate engine behind ‘the cream will rise,’ because, you know, we were talking about word of mouth before. If something’s not great, then it’s not gonna rise. The people will speak.”

via HarperCollins Editor On The Future Of Book Publishing – PSFK.

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