Keep walking

When you close your eyes and keep walking, eventually you will walk into a lamp post, a car or any other object.

If you work with your eyes closed, without vision or plan, you will walk into a lamp post too.

Which will hurt most?

If my name was Seth Godin, you could easily be sharing this blogpost.


  1. If you close your eyes and keep walking, you’ll actually walk in circles (fact). Lesson here is *pause to come up with one* ..

    that whenever you close your eyes, eventually you’ll end up where you started.


    1. so you close your eyes, walk a circle, end up where you started, open your eyes and *gasp* you’re IN THE FUTURE! *dramatic chipmunk please*

      1. yes. You may spread that in a tweet now. Please add ‘sweetcharlie dixit’ to it.
        At your service sir.

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