Microsoft could… (part 13.237)

Microsoft could have made the tablet for content creation. Could have made.

The key to Courier, Allard's team argued, was its focus on content creation. Courier was for the creative set, a gadget on which architects might begin to sketch building plans, or writers might begin to draft documents.

They could have made the ultimate office collaboration tool. They could have made it work. They didn't.

At least they have the XBOX 360.

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The inside story of how Microsoft killed its Courier tablet
Microsoft's decision to cancel its innovative Courier tablet computer a year and a half ago reverberates today, as the software giant plots strategy to catch up the the market-leading iPad. Read this …

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  1. Tablets are not for content creation. Great for some note taking and as a communication device. But who wants to write long texts on a virtual keyboard? I think Windows 8 will be a nice blend of tablet and pc IF they can figure out the right hardware for it.

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