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This whole Steve Jobs autohagiography promotion tour is getting out of hand. I hear the echoing of Steve Jobs words throughout the media. Android will take a beating it does not deserve. You can't argue with a will, can you?

This article nails it for me: they all copy. Everything is a remix, remember?

And that's kind of the point: part of the way innovation works is that you build on the works of others. That doesn't just mean wholesale copying, but trying to take what works and improve on it — or take what doesn't work well and figure out a way to make it work better. Steve Jobs did this many, many times, but so have Google and many other companies. It seems rather hypocritical to get all bent out of shape because others are doing the same thing.

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Steve Jobs Was Willing To 'Rip Off' Everyone Else… But Was Pissed About Android Copying iPhone? | Techdirt
There's plenty of talk making the rounds about Steve Jobs' comments about Android in the authorized biography that's coming out next week. In it, Jobs apparently makes it clear that he was absolutely…

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