Regarding Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule

Seeing this made me wonder how my days look like. This would be a normal day:

– 6:15: Wake-up, shower, breakfast
– 7:45: Take son to childcare
– 8:20: Leave for work
– 8:42: My moving office (aka the train leaves)
– 9:30: Working at my office (@flandersdc)
– 12:15: Lunch
– 13:15: Working at my office (@flandersdc)
– 17:35: My moving office (aka the train)
– 18:15: Son-time
– 19:15: Cooking and doing some digital things
– 21:00: Working
– 00:00: To bed


  1. “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” – Ben Franklin

    But at least he enjoyed more shuteye than you’re getting right now. How high is sleep on your priority list?

      1. Either you make up for that lost time during those train hours or in the weekends, or you consume a rather unhealthy dose of caffeine. 😉

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