Regarding Benjamin Franklin’s Daily Schedule

Seeing this made me wonder how my days look like. This would be a normal day:

– 6:15: Wake-up, shower, breakfast
– 7:45: Take son to childcare
– 8:20: Leave for work
– 8:42: My moving office (aka the train leaves)
– 9:30: Working at my office (@flandersdc)
– 12:15: Lunch
– 13:15: Working at my office (@flandersdc)
– 17:35: My moving office (aka the train)
– 18:15: Son-time
– 19:15: Cooking and doing some digital things
– 21:00: Working
– 00:00: To bed


  1. “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” – Ben Franklin

    But at least he enjoyed more shuteye than you’re getting right now. How high is sleep on your priority list?

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