Remember When We Were All Supposed To Quit Facebook?

Surely you didn’t forget how no one would shut up about Facebook and its privacy issues? I mean, it was a massive deal, as we were told over and over again. Some people were practically screaming it.

Where are all those people now? I haven’t heard a peep about it in weeks. Weren’t we all supposed to quit Facebook and bitch about it until Mark Zuckerberg was forced to resign? What happened?

I’ll tell you what happened: people got bored of hearing about Facebook privacy. More to the point, the hits/pageviews/mentions based on the controversy quit rolling in. So it was on to the next hot controversial topic.

But wait. Seriously, all I heard was how this Facebook controversy was different than the others that came before it. That this one was the one that would break the camel’s back. That Facebook was over.

And yet, Facebook had record traffic numbers in June.

via Remember When We Were All Supposed To Quit Facebook?.

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