The email problem, revisited

Chris Anderson, the guy behind TED, has set his mind on changing our mail behavior with a crowdsourced charter. I signaled the mailproblem a while ago as many of you will have. In silence or out loud on blog or twitter.

I decided to declare email dead (dutch). Dead media tend to generate more clicks. Thats why. Anderson wants to crowdsource a charter for email use as it is a shared problem. Crowdsourcing generates clicks too, so…

I’m not that keen on rules but somehow we will have to do something about the problem. More than rules, we need mindsets. Some people seem to think that “I mail therefore I am“. CC’ing about and making the recognizable ‘mistakes’ Anderson signals. I have been struggling with email health myself. Then again, who hasn’t.

There have been days I lived in outlook or gmail. There have been days I have decided to stop doing that. I relapsed. It got worse. It got better. I tend to keep an eye on my mailbox even though I know it is wrong.

I’ll do something about that. I will try to live up to the mail checklist Seth Godin proposed. I will keep an eye on the development of the charter. I will evangelize better mail usage. Actively.

You. Have. Been. Warned.

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  1. So, Seth Godin is monetizing something everyone with a little sense has been doing for ages. Applause for that idea. Why didn’t I make a list and monetize from it.. damn, I could have been rich.

    While we’re at it. Why not have a charter for phone conversations too? Oh wait, those americans only pickup with “hello!?” .. and never say good bye. Talk about rude, let’s complain about that and put it in a charter!

    And who the fuck do Anderson and Godin think they are to decide how I should do my emails?

    There’s no email problem, there’s a problem with people taking themselves too serious and who believe they should tell everyone to do it their way.

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