Time’s Non-Award-Award

Benjamin Brooks on the Time person of the year ‘the protester’

This of course is not unprecedented for Time. The first instance of this was in 1950 when “The American fighting man” was awarded the Person of the Year title — specifically honoring troops in the Korean War.

In total (including this year) Time has awarded the “Person of the Year” title to 13 things that are not a singular person as the title of the award would have you believe.

My guess is he is missing a point here. There is a mindshift going on. Thanks to digital media today, we see the power of the people more than ever before.

After all, Time is a publication and publications tend to focus on personalities. In the age of digital media, people are the media, we are all reporters (not journalists) so the focus is less on those great figures that represent an entire population. Even in mainstream media.

Historically achievements of ordinary citizens, acting like a group have been attributed to icons. World War II was a battle between Hitler, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt. The Tjen an men revolt is a man standing in front of a tank.

Today, we see ordinary people die in the streets, they become icons for the week or even the day, igniting the fire of revolt once again but in the end we can see the larger picture and maybe the individual is of less importance than we have been thinking.

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