Twitter’s Secret History As the World’s Worst Tech or Media Business

It’s weird how a service I use religiously for about 4 years now, might just vanish because someone forgot to make money along the way. I mentioned this before but I think twitter will never make any money the way they have been trying to in the last few years.

They should have made money while the big spenders were still the vast majority of the twitterpopulation. The people who buy iPhones and top of the range Android handsets. We would have payed for the service just because we loved it.

Remember when you saw the fail whale every day? When the API sucked (it still does)? When you followed just about everyone you encountered. That were the days to make money. To tell people: if you want this, pay us.

But as free has become just about the only way people try to make money and the network has been flooded, it’s too late.

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